Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is informed by Planned Cover?

informed by Planned Cover is an online knowledge platform from the team of legally qualified risk managers at Planned Cover. Through the placement of insurance and the provision of technical advice, and their innovative risk management program, Planned Cover has shown a dedication to supporting professionals. Meet our team here.


How can I join your mailing list?

Please sign up here to receive regular updates covering industry news, events and CPD opportunities.

What if I don’t remember my password?

In the event you have forgotten or lost your password to access our Practice Guides, please follow the prompts to change your password or contact our support team at:

How will you use my data? Will you sell it or use it for marketing purposes?

We never sell your data.  We may use your data to send you communications, and it may be sent to a third party provider in order to fulfil any transactions such as payment for our services.  We always respect your privacy and adhere to relevant Privacy legislation.

You can access our privacy policy at

Can I purchase or enquire about insurance through informed by Planned Cover?

informed by Planned Cover does not offer insurance however we have great confidence in Planned Cover insurance brokers, another part of the IBL Limited business to which we belong, to be able to assist you with your insurance queries. Planned Cover has been committed to assisting professionals with their insurance needs for almost 40 years. They offer professional indemnity, directors and officers, employment practices, statutory liability and general insurance & personal insurance products. For more information about your insurance needs, please contact Planned Cover at

Can you provide legal advice?

The Risk Managers at informed by Planned Cover draw on their legal qualifications to provide education and advice on risk management and insurance. informed by Planned Cover cannot provide legal advice. However, our new subsidiary law practice informed Lawyers Pty Ltd (ACN 635 862 145) offers legal advice in its specialist area of consultancy agreements. You can find out more on their website.

Who do I contact if there are any problems with my payment?

Should you have any queries regarding your online transactions please contact us at: for assistance or call us on the phone number in our contact section.


Can I use any of the content for my own presentations or staff training?

All content whether in a presentation, online or in hard copy handouts is the property of informed by Planned Cover/IBL Limited and its authors and should not be used for any other purpose. informed has complete intellectual property rights over the content, and its use by anyone else would need prior authorisation by informed Risk Managers.


Online and Live CPD

How do I log in to buy and watch on-demand online courses, including webinar recordings?

Since we changed our online CPD system on 1 July 2023, learners no longer need to log in. Instead, you simply purchase direct from our Course Catalogue

How do I buy and watch live webinars and seminars?

Tickets for our live webinars and seminars are sold through Trybooking. You can buy tickets through our Events page. Discounted prices to these events are available to professional indemnity insurance clients of Planned Cover and to our mailing list. Join our mailing list for offers or get in touch at

What is your refund and cancellation policy for seminars and webinars?

Please see our Refund Policy at or if you are still unclear please contact us.


Who are your presenters?

Our Risk Managers are experienced and knowledgeable professionals having worked within various industries, and with years of experience in insurance and construction law. Our program of webinars and seminars also draws on the expertise of other specialists allied to the construction industry.

They provide you with the practical assistance you need to navigate an ever more complicated industry. From age-old pitfalls like delays, sub-consultant errors and indemnity clauses, to the emerging challenges of safe design and new technologies, our Risk Managers and special guest presenters analyse the risks and provide plain-English guidance for you and your staff.

Do I have to do Continued Professional Development (CPD)?

Many professions have ongoing CPD requirements to encourage you to keep up to date with the industry and field you practice in, and often as a prerequisite to any formal registration or certification. It is best to check with your profession’s governing body or Professional Code of Conduct to understand what your CPD requirements are. Our useful links section can help you locate this information.

Can I earn CPD points for all learning activities listed on your website?

You can earn CPD points for all of our learning activities (including webinars, seminars and online courses) so long as the topic is relevant to your work. Our webinars, seminars and online courses come with assessment questions to assist architects to claim “formal” CPD points.

How do I check how many points I need to accumulate in each year?

It is best to check with your profession’s governing body or Professional Code of Conduct to understand what your CPD requirements are. Our useful links section can help you locate this information.

Can I keep track of all my points through my informed by Planned Cover account?

This feature is no longer available after 1 July 2023. Learners receive a completion certificate and a PDF of the slides from each purchased course, to keep as a record. Our system no longer keeps a database of your past learning.

For architects, often the local Architects Registration Board provides capacity to store CPD records.

How do you assess whether CPD points are earned?

For CPD that is mandatory for your profession, your profession’s governing body sets the rules on how CPD points may be earned. Our useful links section can help you locate this information.


What are “formal” and “informal” CPD points?

The CPD rules applicable to architects are (to the best of our knowledge) the only rules to use this terminology. “Formal” CPD requires significant interaction between audience and presenter, or an assessment activity, as opposed to merely being present and assimilating information. You can learn more in the Australian Institute of Architects/Architects Accreditation Council of Australia joint policy on CPD.

Do I need to answer questions to earn CPD points? What is the “pass mark”?

Architects wishing to claim “formal” CPD points must complete an assessment activity.  We ask all purchasers of our online services to answer some brief and simple questions to confirm they have watched and understood the content. The pass mark is 60%.

Do you issue CPD certificates?

Yes, we can issue certificates which record the number of hours you are entitled to claim for CPD points. For on demand CPD and catch-up recordings of webinars, after watching the video recording and passing the assessment, you will receive a certificate by automated email. For live webinars and in-person events, we provide an option during the booking process to request a certificate and, for those who do so, a certificate is sent usually within a week of the event. Email us at with any questions.

What topics do your webinars, seminars and online courses cover?

We address a range of interesting topics all aimed at helping you to mitigate risk and keeping you informed of industry updates.  You can look at the topics and sessions for webinars and seminars here, and for on demand CPD courses here.

Can I suggest topics I would like addressed as webinars or online short courses?

We welcome any suggestions for topics you may like addressed by way of a CPD session in the future. We do not tailor sessions to your particular situation though, and any advice would be of a general nature and not intended to be taken as legal advice in relation to the topic you wanted addressed. Please email us at with any suggestions you have for topics. We are always interested to hear from professionals on the issues they would like covered by our seminars/webinars.

What happens when I complete my chosen on demand CPD session?

Upon completion of your on demand course/recorded webinar you can follow a link to complete a short CPD assessment. When you have submitted and successfully answered those questions, you will receive by automated email a digital certificate of completion as your record of completing the activity.

Can I return to a course once I have commenced it?

Yes! For our on-demand online courses, you can simply go back to the booking email that contained the joining details and re-watch the course.

Is there a deadline for completing the course I have purchased?

We don’t impose a deadline. Once you purchase an online course you can complete the course at any time. You can only claim a CPD point in the year in which you complete the course, and remember that your professional registration body may require you to complete a certain number of CPD points by a specific deadline each year.

What sort of computer or software do I require to view the live webinars?

In order to access our live webinars you’ll need a computer or mobile device that is able to browse the internet. It’s easiest to watch our webinars on a device that has its own speakers to provide sound, but you also have the option to hear the sound separately through a phone by following the prompts. The broadcast quality for live webinars can deteriorate on slow internet connections or if there are network problems. If this happens, contact us at

What should I do if I can’t see or hear the webinar?

Please make sure that your web browser is up to date and that the volume is correctly configured, and that your internet connection is fast and reliable. If you have checked these things and are still experiencing an issues, please contact us at

Practice Guides ("Risk Rules")

How do I view the informed Practice Guides (formerly called “Risk Rules”)?

These are available to professional indemnity insurance clients of Planned Cover. Access requires a login for this site. Contact your Planned Cover broker to check whether you have access and find out more.

In-house Seminars

Can I have informed by Planned Cover's risk managers come into my office to train my staff?

Yes. Please contact us at to discuss seminar topics, available times and cost. If you are a professional indemnity insurance client of Planned Cover, you may have an entitlement to free in-house seminars as part of your insurance placement – contact your Planned Cover broker to find out.

What topics do your in-house seminars cover?

Our legally qualified risk managers present a targeted seminar series on broad-ranging subjects. Our presentations draw on examples from court cases, analysis of legislation, and our experience at the coal-face of dispute resolution. They are a vital platform for making your staff aware of business risks and the importance of thorough work.

Contact us for a list of available topics. Examples include: Contracts and How to Survive Them, Document Management, Construction Phase Services, Lessons from Claims, and Project Procurement.