Live Seminars and Webinars

Our program includes:

  • Half-day workshops – We collaborate with expert speakers to provide their specialist knowledge on big issue topics, like specification of building products, or creating flexible project teams. Attendance at these workshops qualifies for three hours of CPD.
  • Short Seminars – Our shorter seminars run for 60-90 minutes and provide an opportunity to network with your peers across the construction industry.
  • Live Webinars – Keep up to date without leaving your desk with our regular series of one-hour webinars on topical issues.

See our Events Calendar for details of upcoming live events, pricing and booking information.


These extracts from Seven Things All Consultants Should Know About Contracts (November 2018) will give you a sample of how our webinars work:


What’s special about contracts?
(The legal force and status of contracts, plus some key terms like “agreement”, “deed” and “consideration” – with Wendy Poulton)(6 mins)

Using AS 4122-2010 effectively
(Understanding the Australian Standard consultancy agreement; PI insurance implications; making and checking amendments – with Natalie Sullivan)(10 mins)

Practical contract management
(Sending your own terms; reviewing client-drafted contracts; annexures; seeking external advice; pricing for risks; record keeping – with Wendy Poulton)(15 mins)


The full webinar is available for purchase through our online CPD site.