Planned Cover Clients

We are still the same Risk Managers who have assisted you over the last 25 years and we value your business. This is why it is business as usual for our current Planned Cover clients, but with some additional new services because we want to keep you informed.


Existing Risk Management Services

Some clients who place their professional indemnity insurance through Planned Cover are entitled to certain risk management services. If you previously received these services from Planned Cover, informed by Planned Cover will continue to provide them to you without charge:

  • Contract Reviews – insurance reviews of consultancy agreements and related documents
  • Risk Management Seminars – in-house presentations for larger clients and group networking seminars for smaller practices
  • Practice Guides – a series of topical industry notes (formerly called Risk Rules)

Contact your Account Manager at Planned Cover to find out which of these services you can use, to enquire about seminars or arrange a contract review, and for more information generally.

You can view the informed Practice Guides in the client section of our website.



New Services to Keep You informed

Under our new brand informed by Planned Cover we are pleased to be able to offer you extra services in addition to the risk management services you enjoy as a Planned Cover client. Continue your learning through our webinars, online short courses and half-day workshops. Many of our new services are offered at discounted rates for current Planned Cover clients.