The Risk Managers have demonstrated an understanding of our industry and the issues that affect us.

Warren Birchall

Our understanding of risk, how it affects our business, and how to appropriately manage risk has grown enormously due to the services and expertise provided by the Risk Managers.

The seminars have been well organised and professionally delivered in a manner which is easy to understand for all our staff. We believe that understanding and managing risk is a role for all our staff and not just the senior management, and the seminars have enabled all our staff to understand the day to day risk environment and how we can appropriately protect ourselves.

Linton Speechley
JK Geotechnics

Risk Services has maintained a genuine, long term and effective role as part of our professional development agenda, and is an essential partner on matters of risk mitigation for us and our valued clients.

Mark Murphy
Fender Katsalidis Architects

Risk Management Seminars provide an opportunity for our staff to hear about the importance of implementing correct procedures which will minimise or avoid the impact of documentation, contract and site administration risks. This first hand knowledge and expertise is valuable to younger professionals and experienced practitioners alike. The seminars are presented in an informative and fun manner to encourage engagement at all levels.

Kathlyn Loseby

TLB Engineers has utilized the in house Risk Management Seminars for several years.

We find that these seminars are very useful to inform and remind our Directors and staff of the importance of seeking to minimize risk wherever possible, whether it relates to review of contracts, communication with the client, record keeping, safe design or internal quality and risk management procedures. The understanding of these issues is greatly assisted by the ability of the seminar presenters to relate them to real claims experience. We always get as many of our engineers and senior drafters to attend as possible.

The presenters are always well prepared, knowledgeable, informative and are able to lead group discussion and respond to questions raised.

We would strongly recommend these seminars to all professionals in the construction industry.

Mark Baker
Taylor Lauder Bersten

The technical support provided by their in-house legal team in risk management advice is invaluable.

Simpson Kotzman

The regular in-house seminars are a valuable learning tool and a reminder for all our staff.

Paul Pruszinski
Pruszinski Architects

The Risk Managers helped us identify and manage contractual risk while clearly comprehending the commercial demands of our industry. We have greatly appreciated their efforts in keeping us informed of the changing issues that bring about risks and tribulations for our peers. Having good advice helps practices like ours maintain standards of service and manage the risks we choose to take on.

Gerald Matthews
Matthews Architects