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18/11/16 – Seminar: Product Specification Update

Product Specification Update Seminar

The fire in Melbourne’s Lacrosse Building in November 2014 called into question the adequacy of the industry’s procedures for checking building product compliance, and the ongoing investigations into the fire have kept the issue in the spotlight. With the ever-increasing range and technological complexity of products available to Australian designers, it has never been more important to understand a consultant’s responsibilities.

As we approach the two year anniversary of the fire, this seminar is a timely recap on the developments over the last two years and addresses key issues such as:

  • What are the courts saying about designers’ duty of care regarding product specifications?
  • What do builders and trade contractors want from a good specification?
  • What are the implications of using performance specifications?
  • What happens when products fail?
  • How can you effectively limit your construction phase role for investigating and approving products?

This three-hour event will consist of presentations and a panel discussion by:

Peter Quigley
Architect and expert witness

Richard Choy
Chief Executive Officer

Natalie Sullivan/Wendy Poulton
Risk Managers

  • Sydney Seminar

    Date: Tuesday 8 November
    Time: 9.00am – 12.00 noon
    Location: UTS Aerial Centre,
    Level 7/235 Jones St, Ultimo
    Standard – $400
    Planned Cover Client – $250

  • Melbourne Seminar

    Date: Wednesday 9 November
    Time: 9.00am – 12.00 noon
    Location: Mantra on Russell
    222 Russell St, Melbourne
    Standard – $400
    Planned Cover Client – $250