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09/02/18 – Webinar: When Things Go Wrong… More Tales from the Trenches

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Join us for an informative and insightful webinar to start 2018 on an area of enduring concern for many consultants.

Presented by John Moore, Partner, Thynne + Macartney Lawyers, the webinar will focus on recent litigation involving consultants working in the construction industry. Find out what issues are resulting in claims against consultants and gain an insight into the dispute resolution process – from dispute to litigation and finally, resolution.

  • Event Information

    Date: Friday 9 February 2018

    Time: 12:30pm (AEDT)

    Cost: General Admission – $70

    Planned Cover Clients – $45 (with promotional code)

    Group of 5 – $225

    Group of 10 – $300