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03/02/2023 – Updated Practice Guides 2023

Our informed Practice Guides are a series of short notes providing general guidance on some common risk, insurance and contract related topics. Our Practice Guides cover a range of subjects from Novation, to Indemnities, and Inspections and Certificates.

Planned Cover clients can download the Practice Guides using their login.

Over January, we have updated some of our older Practice Guides. The only changes of substance were:

  • Security of Payment Overview – the governing legislation in Western Australia has changed – this Practice Guide provides a link to the new legislation but not an overview of the changes
  • Delay Claims – we made a minor amendment to the example clause given in Guide

We have also amended the footer of all our guides to include our new domain name, and made minor changes to the text of following Practice Guides:

  • Confidentiality
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Data Transfer Agreement
  • Electronic Documents Checklist
  • Liability for Sub-consultants
  • List of Practice Guides
  • Novation
  • Partial Services
  • Supplanting Another Consultant

Our Practice Guide – Building the Education Revolution has been withdrawn from circulation due to the time that has now elapsed since these projects were completed.

Please email your Account Manager at Planned Cover if you have any questions about access to Practice Guides.

This article is only general advice in respect of risk management. It is not tailored to your individual needs or those of your business, nor is it intended to be relied upon as legal or insurance advice. For such assistance you should approach your legal and/or insurance advisors.

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