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14/10/2016 – New Building Bonds in NSW

From July 2017, property developers in NSW will be required to pay a bond of 2% of building costs. The direct purpose of the bond is to offer a new layer of protection to purchasers, by funding rectification of building defects discovered over the first two years after completion.

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13/10/2016 – Unfair Contract Terms Legislation

It’s certainly the big news in commercial contracts for this year! And now the date for these changes to the unfair contracts legislation (contained in the ASIC Act and Australian Consumer Law) which extend it to small business contracts, is imminent: the key date is 12th November 2016.

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12/10/2016 – Introducing informed

We are very excited to introduce professionals in the construction industry to informed, an online knowledge platform that gives you easy and convenient access to the tools you need to mitigate risk in your daily commercial activities and to stay up to date with your continued professional development (CPD) and industry news.

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