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01/11/2023 – Amended Unfair Contracts Legislation – What’s in it for you?

Unfair contracts legislation (“UCL”) is not new. However, new provisions that commence operation from 9 November 2023 expand the reach of UCL in ways that benefit consultants who work in the parts of the construction industry where long and one-sided consultancy agreements are the norm. The amendments to UCL (“Amendments”) apply to contracts entered into […]

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19/01/2023 – New year, new Risk Managers, and a new domain name

Welcome our new Risk Managers Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change”, something we hold to be true and have been constantly trying to achieve by growing and evolving as a business to provide design consultants with high quality, relevant and up to date risk management and educational advice. We continually strive for […]

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27/10/2021 – Negotiating consultancy agreements: what’s your experience?

In our recent webinar series ‘Getting Confident with Contracts – Part 1: A Practical Perspective’, polling indicated the following about client drafted contracts: at least 50% of consultants are told by clients that you are the only ones that won’t sign their contracts; over 50% of consultants have been told that client agreements cannot be […]

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12/06/19 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have all come across ‘Dispute Resolution’ clauses in commercial contracts, also known as ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (“ADR”). ADR offers alternative methods for resolving disputes without recourse to litigation saving costs, time and stress. It can help resolve a dispute before it goes court or tribunal. This article aims to summarise the different types of […]

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