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15/02/2024 – Practice Guides updates for 2024

Our suite of Practice Guides are a handy resource to help identify risk management solutions for some common risk areas in the industry. They cover over 50 topics, from Novation to Unfair Contract Terms, and we use the quieter month of January to update a selection of them each year.

In 2024, we have made updates to the Practice Guides in the list below, driven mostly by changes to unfair contracts legislation, and Western Australia finally joining the nationally harmonised WHS law.

Professional indemnity insurance clients of Planned Cover can download the new Practice Guides from our website here using their login. Please contact your Planned Cover insurance broker with any questions, who will forward them on to our team as appropriate.

This article is only general advice in respect of risk management. It is not tailored to your individual needs or those of your business, nor is it intended to be relied upon as legal or insurance advice. For such assistance you should approach your legal and/or insurance advisors.

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